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SLOTTSFJELL 2014 (by Michael Ray)

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© Con Poulos

Burger Love: Ready in just 30 minutes, these juicy pork burgers are made by blending chorizo, capers and fresh ricotta into the ground meat.

Recipe: Farmbar Pork Burgers with Bread-and-Butter Zucchini Pickles

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Manon Leloup’s Next Move

“I’d like to show the reality of this unusual job,” Leloup says in the first few minutes of the film. But unlike other docs in a similar vein, “Speaking Dolls” doesn’t make the predictable case. When allusions to industry reform (e.g. the CFDA Health Initiative and the like) come up, she recoils. “No, no. I approached it with no agenda,” she says, over a glass of sauvignon blanc in New York. For More

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R o s é / Insta: patriciya__ (at Vīna Studija Antonijas iela)

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